Images and Graphics

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Collections and examples

We have a small collection of images on this site, similar to the Table Mountain diagram alongside, for you to use as resources for making tactile graphics using the Piaf.

We also have a small subset of the Purdue graphics, offered here as a collection of example graphics. Each example has two parts – one for Low Vision diagrams, and one for Braille. Use these examples to help you design your own graphics, and to give you an idea of the quality of images available from View International, linked above.

We have also included a pdf download of Marco Schuffelen’s manual on producing tactile graphics. Marco has distilled the experience of 20 years’ work at the Netherlands Library for the Blind into an exceptional resource for people making Tactile Graphics.

All image files should open in your PC’s default image viewer; pdf files open in Adobe Acrobat; doc files will open in Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer. Please feel free to download these images to use them yourself.